Individual neon printing

Specialised in a very high-quality printing process, we create very detailed results in neon printing on a wide variety of textiles. However, we also offer you other luminous products in sublimation printing or direct printing in addition to textile printing. No matter whether individual items or large series, for the end customer (B2C) as well as for our trading partners in the international distribution network (B2B), we are able to deliver a wide variety of products quickly and easily, even in large quantities, thanks to our in-house structure and our logistics and logistics partners. For example, we print different textiles on rolls for further production of spandex sails, fabric posters, carpets, runners and carpeting, flags, banners, backdrops, fence tarpaulins, curtains, cushions, stools, deck chairs, beanbags, cushions, cups, bed linen, shade roofs and sun protection, bags and carrier bags, gym bags and backpacks, clothing and costumes and much more.


Types of fabric

Membrane fabric

  • 190g woven fabric, flame retardant B1
  • width 160 cm
  • maximum printing width 157 cm
  • fabric with membrane on the back
  • dirt and water repellent lotus effect on the surface
  • excellent recovery from bending
  • air- and waterproof
  • low stretch
  • for all kinds of tents, tarps, long term usable banners, outdoor beanbag
  • very good also for inflatable installations and backlighting (for example light columns)
  • darkening but translucent
  • particularly even light distribution without sparkle; due to the membrane
  • made of 100% polyester


  • 820g nonwoven with anti-slip back
  • width 160 cm
  • maximum printing width 155 cm
  • felt carpet for medium and short-term applications
  • can be supplied on rolls up to a printing length of approx. 24 m
  • alternatively cut in tiles and/or bordered with black tape
  • made of 100% polyester


  • 350g woven fabric, flame retardant B1
  • width 155 cm
  • maximum printing width 150 cm
  • heavy fabric with pronounced canvas structure
  • stretch especially diagonal
  • especially intense colours
  • very resilient
  • suitable for stretcher frames
  • for high-quality banners, room dividers, sound insulation curtains
  • due to its robustness also excellent for folding chairs and hammocks
  • also bags and pouches (for example duffel bag or satchel bag)
  • Eeges have to be manufactured
  • made of 100% polyester


  • 200g knitted fabric with B1 flame retardant
  • width 160 cm
  • maximum printing width 157 cm
  • crease-resistant textile with matt surface for indoor and outdoor
  • dimensionally stable with minimal stretch
  • washable
  • especially suitable for all kinds of posters, covers and banners
  • open edges do not fray
  • darkening but translucent
  • made of 100% polyester


  • 170g knitwear, flame retardant on request
  • width 151 cm
  • maximum printing width 147 cm
  • soft textile with very high stretch factor
  • stretchability almost independent of direction
  • fine and soft surface
  • for installations and stretch covers
  • also clothing (for example overcoat)
  • open edges do not fray
  • washable
  • darkening but translucent
  • made of 100% polyester

Upholstery fabric

  • 360g tissue
  • width 150 cm
  • maximum printing width 146 cm
  • heavy upholstery fabric with slightly roughened surface
  • very soft and pleasant handle
  • high abrasion resistance (45.000 Martindale) and water repellent
  • for covering seating furniture, cushions and indoor beanbags
  • made of 100% polyester

Assembly options

Unique stringart

Stringart or thread deco is now widely used on the web and there are many DIY tutorials to do it yourself. The basic principle is to wrap small nails with threads or wool in a certain pattern. Geometric patterns, floral and animal motifs or even lettering are created. Also we use this principle to offer you different elements for your black light party decoration. For the 2D stringart deco we use wooden boards, on which with small nails and wool we create the most amazing patterns, which will make your walls shine. We also manufacture the 2D stringart with thin wooden strips, which we glue and screw together in various geometric shapes. The wool patterns are now tacked onto the resulting wooden elements. The use of special wool and textile cords opens up fascinating, luminous and abstract worlds using black light, leaving an unforgettable impression. The 2D models are now used to create our 3D systems, among others. As 3D models there are cubes in different sizes, octahedrons and other geometric shapes. The mouldings and wooden surfaces are individually designed beforehand in our painting room with colours or varnishes to match the object.