We can help you plan your decorations for events, festivals, party rooms and functions. Due to our many years of experience in cooperation with our customers, we have already been able to realize many projects. We can now use this experience in the implementation of your events. There are some criteria you should consider when planning. Is it an indoor or outdoor project? Which area and to what extent should be decorated? Should the decorations be used more often or is it a one-off? We advise you on materials and where and how you can use them. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Click here for the contact form.


Many projects are unique custom-made products, which we produce exclusively for our customers events. During the production process, we pay attention to the materials and the mounting options, which are already discussed in the design phase. This is how unique Stringart decoration objects, spandex decorations, stage decorations, festival decorations and much more are created. If you are looking for the right neon decoration and the appropriate black light illumination, we can advise you on the subject of technology and optimal illumination of the location.